Educational Partnerships

RIKEN is engaged in the Joint Graduate School Program with the University of Tsukuba to foster young researchers who will lead the future of life science research. Our researchers have given lectures as visiting professors.

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Tsukuba Life Science Promotion Association

The open innovation platform Tsukuba Life Science Promotion Association (Tsukuba Life Science Suishin Kyogikai [TLSK]) was established to contribute to society by promoting collaborative research & development in life science fields in the Tsukuba district. RIKEN BioResource Research Center (RIKEN BRC) is a member of this council and serves as the secretary. In addition, a Master’s/Doctoral Program in Life Science Innovation has been jointly established with the University of Tsukuba. Our researchers have been appointed as visiting professors and give lectures on bioresources and other topics that help to convey the importance of RIKEN BRC.

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Tsukuba Science City Network

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Tsukuba Conference

The purpose of the Tsukuba Conference organized by the Tsukuba Conference Organizing Council is to bring together future shapers—talented young leaders from industry, government, and academia worldwide— in Tsukuba Science City, and provide them with the opportunity to deepen discussions on issues related to "society and science and technology". RIKEN BRC participates in this conference.

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